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The award-winning vest project

The award-winning vest project

Gitte was in 2022 awarded twice for an innovative AI based project, the so-called vest project, to help people decrease lower back pain, one of the world´s most impacting injuries to the body and costly to both employees and employers. The Danish Risk Manager Association awarded her “Risk Manager of the Year 2021” and the European Risk Manager Association, FERMA, “the Innovation Insurance Program 2022”

The thinking behind the award winning project

Correlation and analysis of data and working with risk mitigation is common to any Risk Manager. We are used to making risk assessments and introduce risk mitigating actions to improve the company risk profile to insurers, brokers and others. This is primarily regarding the operational risks and assets

When it comes to the people side of the business, the people RISK, I was not the traditional Risk Manager – I took a different and new approach working with this project. To reduce the people risk you need to dive into the root cause why people get sick or run into injuries or even attrition – and lower back pain is one of the most costly work related root causes to sick leave. The costs to societies are billions of EUROs to any country. The project with Precure showed that when introducing their AI based people tech (here, a wearable vest) we could lower the pressure on the spine by 28% in average on the approx. 50 ISS participants, which I then correlated to the internal sick leave data. The result was impressive. The calculated ROI both on costs and improved performance can make any CFO smile….. even after the cost for subscribing to the wearables.

Sick leave is a massive, indirect cost to many companies. Not many know the cost for their own company which can be scary numbers for many executive teams. This project is hopefully an inspiration to others, how you can lower your number of injuries, your Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIF), less lost performance, reduce your insurance and medical costs, while also improving your care for colleagues and provide them with a welfare benefit to drive behavioral changes, so they don’t or less call in sick and make less use of the medical and other relevant insurances.

The more than massive interest I´ve experienced since the awards during 2022 shows that there is huge potential for many companies to embrace health tech to drive sustainable changes to decrease the sick leave rates and massively reducing costs.

If you want to hear more about this award-winning project, the process or the advantages for companies and other to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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