Insurance at Heart
Strategic Partner PRECURE

Strategic Partner PRECURE

Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) e.g. lower back pain is a challenge to the world* at the same level as diabetes and loneliness, heavily impacting people´s life – while also impacting company sick leave, lack of productivity, the insurance budgeting and underlying medical inflation factors giving rise to premium increases and several other related effects.

This is why Insurance at Heart in late 2023 has partnered with PRECURE with the common goal to help companies, insurers, governments, public institutions and any other stakeholder reduce risks, save money, improve quality of life and prepare people for a better retirement age. 

Within MSD, PRECURE is globally leading with their groundbreaking solution. The multi-sensor, multi-dimentional and science-based approach for both personal use and workplace assessment makes PRECURE global state-of-the-art.

By partnering with PRECURE Insurance at Heart is one of very few global, strategic advisors providing tailormade cost leadership advisory cross the full customer value chain, delivering data insight and tools with savings potentials, cost avoidance scenarios and risk reducing initiatives.

*The Lancet, 2020, lower back pain affected 619 million people globally, with a projection of 843 million prevalent cases by 2050, addressed by United Nation, World Economic Forum etc. 

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