Insurance at Heart
Purpose and Promise

Purpose and Promise

The purpose of Insurance at Heart is to provide top executives with strategic advice, how to maximize the Total Cost of People into a sustainable risk financing model and improve cost awareness cross the organization – that being direct and indirect costs to staff, incl. base pay, cost of sick leave/loss of productivity, insurable benefit, retention costs, wellbeing programs etc., which – even more post-covid – are becoming a value driver and differentiator to become a diverse, inclusive and attractive workplace.

Insurance at Heart has a proven track record delivering massive savings / cost avoidance, while reducing costs and providing budget certainty for top executives.

Insurance at Heart will work to improve company mindsets how to care for colleagues, further develop people strategies, optimize spend, drive savings, share insights to the award-winning thinking – all from a Total Cost of People Perspective.

It is a clear promise to all partners, that all advice is given with years of experience and the very best intention only to serve one goal, satisfied Insurance at Heart customers.

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