Changes needed in Denmark … within insurance and pensions
Changes needed in Denmark … within insurance and pensions

Changes needed in Denmark … within insurance and pensions

Many companies globally are lacking workforce….and employers are “fighting” to get the employees to stay longer, also after the official retirement age. For employers to offer “equal insurance and pensions opportunities” to all employees, no matter the age, we NEED to have a TALK in Denmark that e.g. pension providers will get authority approval to extend insurances….

At the moment, some life benefits run out at e.g. the personal retirement age, 70 or 72 years of age, but some do keep working longer – what if you have employees who wants to work until they are 74? Should employers just tell them, that we cannot offer the same life benefit as to colleagues? (not a good signal…) Is this to offer equal benefit packages? or what if you at age 73 really would like to have a disability insurance – just like your colleagues – should employers just tell, that you cannot get it because the providers are not allowed to offer this? No a good signal, right?

We NEED to start an open-minded joint talk, of course inclusive of the unions, about innovating our future insurance and pension landscape how our system can be adjusted to fit the needs of the future workplaces and how to embrace employers who really wants to offer equal benefits. There are several pension technical questions arising here (I´ll spare you the geeky stuff now), that is complicating things for staying in the labour marked or re-joining after the (first) retirement, e.g. if you get a short term contact, but your savings have started payout already…

We need, as society and employers, to be able to offer more flexible and sustainable solutions, while at the same time realizing that employees want to decide themselves…. flexibility, individualized benefits and a diverse workplace will attract more people to wanting to work for you.

We need to change “the system” to face the future workplaces to offer diverse and sustainable benefits to employees in the war for talent. By improving these benefits at least some will keep working after the retirement ago. It´s a win win win….. for all parties.

We need to open up this discussion to tackle the future employee needs…some already have this issue in the companies…

Are we ready to talk about changes to adapt to the future needs?

Ulla Højland Jensen Morten Møller Ole Krogh Petersen Peter Hermann Kent Damsgaard Jan Lind Jørgen Leschly Thorsted Poul Dahlgaard Lars Christensen Dorothee Gnaedinger, PhD Allan Karlsen Charlotte Enggaard Tove Nicholaisen


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