SO happy, proud, and thrilled to announce that as of today my new global consultancy company Insurance at Heart is born 😉

With the many crises we are all surrounded by, e.g. inflation, cost of living etc. companies are competing in the war for workforce. The big game of being a preferred employer is putting pressure on any employer and the benefits to offer.

The purpose of Insurance at Heart is to create awareness of the untraditional, but award-winning thinking how companies, via correlating their own data, can further help their own employees to live a healthier life, where they don’t – that often – call in sick or run into attrition. Sick leave, benefit and wellbeing programs are, even more post-covid, becoming a value driver and differentiator to become a diverse, inclusive, and attractive workplace. Insurance at Heart puts PEOPLE at the center and will work with companies, insurers, brokers, and other consultants to improve people and pension strategies, optimize spend, drive savings, introduce you to health tech to change people behaviors and make awareness activities from a Total Cost of People Perspective.

You can read more about the services here on my new home page – excited to hear if this resonates to you 😉

See you out there.

Kr Gitte


  1. Fabulous, Gitte! Congratulations. I have no doubt that in this new role you will (once again) excel in turning your vast knowledge and sparkling zest into true value for both companies and advisors. A wise, courageous, compassionate move. Bravo!!!

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